Moving on…to the Heart!

At this late hour on day 9 of the 21 days of chakra balancing, cleansing, exploring, and/or focusing it's occurred to me that it's time to open that heart.  To make space for all the self-care, intimacy, and compassion you can handle.  Again, what you intend, what you put into this program is what you'll … Continue reading Moving on…to the Heart!


Solar plexus chakra

Day 7?  What?!  How are we already 1/3 of the way through?  This week has flown by so fast for me and I've experienced some deep truths about both myself and how this program will work moving forward!  Down to business!  I haven't been posting about food in the main chakra introductory post and I … Continue reading Solar plexus chakra

Sacral Chakra 

Welcome to day 4 of our journey through the chakras.  Now that we have assesed our "vehicle" and have an understanding of the foundation we can move on to the 2nd or Sacral Chakra.  The element water begins to take over here.  Moving from the firm support of the earth to the ever moving and … Continue reading Sacral Chakra 

Make room for change.

I've always had a knack for manifesting exactly what I want....I was arrogant about it.  I recognized it and declared many times, "if you don't get it for me I'll get it for myself."  And it was true. I have been able to reduce that ego - little by little over the last 4 or … Continue reading Make room for change.

Being of Service

Organizing becomes a very personal process.  Whether I am assisting someone in their declutter and downsize, helping someone simplify and increase efficiency, or helping implement adjustments to help decrease household stress I feel honored. It's very personal.  Building a business, tackling a hoarding mentality, or finally sifting through boxes that have been ignored for years. … Continue reading Being of Service