Moving on…to the Heart!

At this late hour on day 9 of the 21 days of chakra balancing, cleansing, exploring, and/or focusing it’s occurred to me that it’s time to open that heart.  To make space for all the self-care, intimacy, and compassion you can handle. 

Again, what you intend, what you put into this program is what you’ll receive.  Is the daily effort worth your time?  Are you worth your time?  Absolutely. 

As soon as I begin to consider the heart chakra my mind wanders to Quan Yin the goddess of great compassion for self and for others.  Accepting everyone where they’re at knowing it’s the perfect space for them.  The timing is always perfect. No need to rush, feel guilty, shame, or criticize.  It’s all perfect 💚.  She is the embodiment of what it means to be open hearted, well for me anyways.  

That being said let’s move on to the exploration of our hearts center.

  What are our ideal foods?  How can we feed our body to nourishing this chakra and it’s dynamic needs?  Leafy greens!  The leafier the better!  Opening kindly and gently just the way we want our hearts to mirror.

Balance!  Do you have it in this chakra?  If yes you’ll find yourself to be mostly caring, compassionate, empathetic, accepting, self-loving, peaceful, centered, and content. 💚

The excesses.  Maybe you’re finding codependant relationships, excersizing poor boundaries, jealous, or being a martyr or a pleaser to often.

The deficiencies.  You’ve become anti-social or withdrawn, critical or intolerant, lonely, isolated, have a lack of empathy or a fear of intimacy.  

Balancing chakras can be something we spend the rest of our lives doing depending on situations and life changes.  

If the excesses and deficiencies discourage you know there is help.

💚 in health and wellness



Solar plexus chakra

Day 7?  What?!  How are we already 1/3 of the way through?  This week has flown by so fast for me and I’ve experienced some deep truths about both myself and how this program will work moving forward! 

Down to business!  I haven’t been posting about food in the main chakra introductory post and I realize now that it’s the best place to start.  Nourishing the basics, watering the roots to provide a strong supportive system.  So food… the food you want to support this chakra with are is dried beans, oats, legumes, spices.  I hear soaking them for easy digestion is the way to go.  

So how do you know when your solar plexus is in balanced?  You’ll have a positive sense of yourself.  Feel confident, energetic and warm.  You’ll be reliable but spontaneous and able to take risks, and you’ll find yourself with good self discipline.

If you’re excessive in this chakra you’ll be dominating, controlling, competitive, arrogant, ambitious, hyperactive, driven, stubborn and and attracted to sedatives.

If your deficient – you’ll be passive, have a lack of energy, poor digestion, cold, submissive, have low self esteem, weak will and poor self discipline.

You should have a good idea where you’re needing to focus your energy at this point aiming for a healthy, balanced solar plexus will be the goal of the next 3 days.  Whether I will enjoy three days of curried lentils or indulge in fried plantains and banana ice cream, it’s hard to say!

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Sacral Chakra 

Welcome to day 4 of our journey through the chakras.  Now that we have assesed our “vehicle” and have an understanding of the foundation we can move on to the 2nd or Sacral Chakra.  The element water begins to take over here.  Moving from the firm support of the earth to the ever moving and flowing softness of the water element.  A brilliant shade of orange illuminates our creativity, our appetites, and our desires in life.  

Check in with your 2nd chakra right behind your belly button between your hip bones.  Are you balanced? If yes, you may experience graceful movements, emotional intelligence, healthy boundaries, passion, sexual satisfaction, nurturing of self and others, and the ability to embrace change.

If you’re in excess, sexual addictions, obsessive attachments, excessive mood swings, become super sensitivity, poor boundaries of your own and those around you, instability, or addiction to stimulation may be darkening your Sacral Chakra. 

Deficiencies may create rigidity in our body and beliefs, numbness (emotionally) or insensitivity, a fear of change, lack of desire, poor social skills, or avoidance of pleasure and fear of sexuality.

Disolving our boundaries and exploring this chakra intimately is the biggest obstacle for me.  So carrying that awareness and scceptance throughout this next 3 day period I intend to honor where I am at.  To use the Mudra’s, the Meditations, and the Yoga Asana’s to honestly explore and release any fears or blockages not serving me.  Will you do the same?   When we truly begin to water our roots the growth and connection can begin.

Without water there is no growth ~ water makes life juicy!

Thanks for being with me on this journey.


Building the foundation 

Foundation.  It’s a process I have never really understood.  I skip through to the big ideas, pulling in connections, generating excitement, and then surprised as hell when it all falls through.

Day 1 of my chakra cleanse taught me about the importance of caring for the physical body the very foundation of our entire life.   This body is the one and only we have and it truly needs to be maintained, cared for, and honored as the sacred temple it is.  

The way I came to understand it fully was through my oil change.  Now laugh if you will but I’m totally not kidding.   

I’ve been wanting to run into a neighboring city for a fun looking “surf set” class but the oil change light came on alerting me to the fact that I only had 3% life left to my oil.  So in my slippers and with my coffee I visited the local drive through oil change garage!  It felt good to take care of my car.  Have it checked up on and acknowledge where the work needs to be done and change the wiper~ this alone changed my perspective in the world. 😉

Sitting in my quiet car I began to realize what an asset it is to my life.  The amount of road trips it has taken me on.  The amount of revenue I’ve generated and the cost of hotels I’ve saved because of it.  It has really served me so well.  The least I can do is keep the fluids clean, cared for, and air in the tires. 

Just like my car, my body does the same for me but in a much more significant way.  My body serves me for my entire life and I’ve lived an incredibly healthy one up to this point!  Strong, agile, and able this body serves me well and it deserves an incredible amount of respect.  So here I am.  21 days of chakra cleansing yoga, meditation, Mudra’s, and more honoring the temple that carries me.

Have you been caring for your bodies basic needs?  Physically, mentally, and sprititually?  If not what is stopping you?  Are you living in fear or anxiety?  How can I help get you on track?  I am open and ready to assist ❤

In health and wellness

Amanda ❤

Root chakra

In a perfect world we would find ourselves in perfect harmony. things flowing in our favor often and feeling at one with the universe. But in reality we tend to gathered these experiences that can hold us back from experiencing our best lives yet.

That’s where balancing the chakras can comes in!  We’ll begin …well at the beginning!  

The first chakra we will be focusing is our root chakra or Muladhara!  You can locate it at the base of your spine and it “should” be a bright red.  Symbolized by the 4 petal lotus flower.

Literal Meaning “base of support”
Are you supporting yourself well?

[ ]If yes you’re balanced: you will feel a groundedness, a sense of connection with the earth, physically healthy, comfortable in your own body, safe, secure, stable, as though you are in the right liveliness for you, able to be still and present.

[ ]If the chakra is in excesses: heaviness, sluggish, slow movements, resistant to change, overeating, obesity, hoarding, material fixation, greediness, excessive spending, or workaholism could be weighing you down.  To heal or balance these excesses we look at the action of letting go.

[ ]Or if the chakra is deficient: fear, anxiety, resistance to structure, anorexia, underweight, spaciness, flighty, vague, disconnection from your body, restless, inability to manifest, could be plaguing your daily life.  To heal these deficiencies we look at holding on, focusing, or receiving.

Which one feels more true to you?

REMEMBER: you have a basic right to be here and to take up space.

The next three days will focus on this chakra with more tidbits of info flowing in, and videos to follow along with in your own time.  If you haven’t discussed cost/payment.  Please email me at  it etransfer your $33 payment to

I look forward to begin tomorrow with you!!  

Make room for change.

I’ve always had a knack for manifesting exactly what I want….I was arrogant about it.  I recognized it and declared many times, “if you don’t get it for me I’ll get it for myself.”  And it was true.

I have been able to reduce that ego – little by little over the last 4 or 5 years.  Coming to terms with the values I was “supposed to have” and the ones I authentically have was not an easy or fast process.  I was willing to do the work – and I still am.

I’ve realized the secret, for me, is in fung shui.  An energetic balancing of the elements and their placement within your home.  

I have a knack for understanding and manipulating a physical space.  Our belongings all carry energy, meanings, and sometimes emotion.  How we choose to arrange or align our furniture and decor can have a huge affect on the situations in our day to day lives.  

If nothing else, our homes should be a reflection of how we like to spend our time.  It should display our comforts, our joys, and pieces of our life in the world.  Keeping the “order” in our busy lives can often overflow into our home world causing chaos, disruption, and distraction.  Luckily.  This is preventable and can be easy to change 

Whether it means organizing paper work, kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, clothing, furniture, food, dishware.  A million adjustments can be made to encourage a new flow towards health, love, family, money, travel, and more.

Simple cures are often right in your own home.  Give it a try or give me a call!

in health and wellness
Amanda Zentner

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Being of Service

Organizing becomes a very personal process.  Whether I am assisting someone in their declutter and downsize, helping someone simplify and increase efficiency, or helping implement adjustments to help decrease household stress I feel honored.

It’s very personal.  Building a business, tackling a hoarding mentality, or finally sifting through boxes that have been ignored for years.  

It’s rewarding to help bring change to people’s lives and liveliness.  To inspire a simpler way of life and to encourage a clean system of organizing.

I choose to work in ways that make significant change and bring joy.  It’s part of the pay off of years spent soul-searching and gentle marketing.