Zero Waste?  Can we do it?

I’ve been feeling (admittedly) obsessive about the “waste” state of the world.  The shear amount of plastics around us and around our food.  Spending an hour in the Co-op yesterday with my kids really opened my eyes and I was glad to explain to my son why we chose food with less packaging and no plastics.

A few times throughout the year,  I help declutter homes.  It can lead to many trips to second hand stores, churches, other charities and ultimately the landfill.   In the summer, I find myself at the local landfull site about once a week (sometimes more) and I am always overwhelmed with the waste….and the useful waste.  

I tried up-cycling furniture for a while finding solutions to the world’s problems.  With this idea came an incredible amount of chemical use: spray paint, regular paint, varnishes, stains, and more.  I really wanted the venture to be a help to the environment.  I ended up disillusioned….I know there’s still a better way but I’m trusting others to find it while I examine this idea deeper.

It’s a funny time to live in.  Where people are accustomed to and often don’t consider the damage being done to the earth.  Our fresh basic necessities of life, oxygen and water, are becoming endangered species.  

On a global scale, it’s hard to ignore these facts.  But im more interested in what movements are happening in your hometown.  Where are the game changers and how can we support them? 

The destruction is well underway but every little change does helps.  Fixing our own clothing or creating new from used materials.  I’d love to see the urban mining movement explode.  Creating jobs, recycling plastics, using discarded goods in an efficient manner.

Maybe these are dreams and nothing can be saved…..or maybe we still have a fighting chance.  Each day I see another technological advancement in green power sources and recycling.  I’m curious.  How do we implement these on a large scale using the power of our people?  

Feel free to share your ideas here, with me on Facebook, and anywhere else you can find me.

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Amanda Zentner

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