Building the foundation 

Foundation.  It’s a process I have never really understood.  I skip through to the big ideas, pulling in connections, generating excitement, and then surprised as hell when it all falls through.

Day 1 of my chakra cleanse taught me about the importance of caring for the physical body the very foundation of our entire life.   This body is the one and only we have and it truly needs to be maintained, cared for, and honored as the sacred temple it is.  

The way I came to understand it fully was through my oil change.  Now laugh if you will but I’m totally not kidding.   

I’ve been wanting to run into a neighboring city for a fun looking “surf set” class but the oil change light came on alerting me to the fact that I only had 3% life left to my oil.  So in my slippers and with my coffee I visited the local drive through oil change garage!  It felt good to take care of my car.  Have it checked up on and acknowledge where the work needs to be done and change the wiper~ this alone changed my perspective in the world. 😉

Sitting in my quiet car I began to realize what an asset it is to my life.  The amount of road trips it has taken me on.  The amount of revenue I’ve generated and the cost of hotels I’ve saved because of it.  It has really served me so well.  The least I can do is keep the fluids clean, cared for, and air in the tires. 

Just like my car, my body does the same for me but in a much more significant way.  My body serves me for my entire life and I’ve lived an incredibly healthy one up to this point!  Strong, agile, and able this body serves me well and it deserves an incredible amount of respect.  So here I am.  21 days of chakra cleansing yoga, meditation, Mudra’s, and more honoring the temple that carries me.

Have you been caring for your bodies basic needs?  Physically, mentally, and sprititually?  If not what is stopping you?  Are you living in fear or anxiety?  How can I help get you on track?  I am open and ready to assist ❤

In health and wellness

Amanda ❤

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