Seeking Opportunity

It’s my way of life.  I’m not afraid to seek it and to speak it.  I often faulter in the execution but enjoy the process along the way.

I am seeking opportunity.  The more off the cuff the better.  I’m seeking those interested in empowering me, being empowered by me, and providing significant opportunities for those around us.  Creating a community of people who are bound together by passion and love and ready to build each other up. 

To take on a project is fun.  Life affirming.  Not only do I take joy in the completion of a project but also the creation.  Creating “what ifs” and solutions.  Taking this glimpse of a dream and building it into a reality.  

I’ve always been a powerful supporter of those around me.  Attracting those who dream big and are able to follow their passions.  

I’ve often felt “unstable” never desiring the 9-5 grind or long term commitment to a job.  Its never been fulfilling to me to commit.  I’m more of a flow with the project type.  One who can lend an experienced, well-worked hand when needed.   With the start ups and the expansions that’s exactly where I excel and where I belong.

Many inspirations are ready to be realized.  I’m ready to expand as the opportunity requires.  I wonder what’s next.In health and wellness

Amanda Zentner 


Perpetual Expansion

This accurately describes my intention in this life.  To learn.  To expand my knowledge and push my boundaries.   Through various classes I’ve realized the methods that don’t work for me, along with many that do.  It’s part of the process, my process to higher education.  

As an instructor, my task is to continually learn and challange myself.  To be constantly expanfing and finding tge best ways to relate the informatin to you.  I hope as I do this, you’re inspiration will be sparked in a way that’ll drive your desire for more knowledge and more practise.   

Some classes are best led with clear detailed step-by-step instructions.  Others by movement and repeated physical/visual examples.  It’s hard to know how a group of people learn best in any setting.

If my goal is to teach the basics of hooping.  Allowing you to pick up a hoop and hoop-dance to any song there needs to be at least 4 classes of straight instruction and skill development along with a few classes of flow example.  

If my goal is to lead a class through an aquatic therapy meditative session, I need to have a clear, repetitive script ready with small changes along the way.

Each group is different.  Birthday parties, outdoor events, mother daughter team yoga.  

The key is staying present and really feeling into what will create the best ongoing experience for this group.  As soon as I pose that question, I begin to learn.

I love what I do and can’t wait to see you in class. 

In health and wellness 

Amanda Zentner 

What is Meditation.

The image of meditation is of someone sitting in lotus position, serene look on their face, back straight, shoulders relaxed with their thumb and first finger connecting. 

That image may have truth to it but rest assured that’s not the only way to a meditative state.  

Have you ever had a great “stare”?  Gazing intently ahead of you – not looking at anything but doing so with great focus?  That great stare where you’re afraid to blink and loose it snapping ypu back to reality?  Who knows the comfort and stillness of that stare every muscle in your body relaxed.  It’s Devine!

Often while doing a repetitive activity, I find myelf lost in the motion and pace.  Mind empty eyes serene?  Muscles relaxed yet engaged.

If yes, you’ve meditated and I encourage your practicing it more often.

This week my mind has been full of the thought of emptying through meditative means.   I attended a beautiful crystal bowl meditation that had me blessed out and blissed up giving me cause to pause and appreciate the gift it was.  

Moving on to my hoop class Thursday night I found myself in sync with my hoop and just moving through whatever motions came.  No direction or fore-thought but just a full on self-centered hoop flow and it occurred to me that people need this.  Again and again in all areas of their life.  Whether through silent meditation.   Binaural beats meditation, movement, or through stillness.  Meditation in daily life is needed….it’s required.   Another way to become self-centered and beat the stress of daily life.  

There are so many opportunities for meditation in our city I truly encourage you to jump on board and try something new.

This week I’ll run my pilot program for Exploring the Silence meditation.   Giving you a few tools to take home with you and encorporate more peace and calm in your day to day life. 

Tools – four of them to help you design your best life.

Sunday 6pm at the Cosmo Center in Moose Jaw.  Be sure to enter through the brown south facing door and up the stairs.  

Donations are gratefully accepted.💜

And on the program goes….

So it looks like we’ve made it! The last chakra in this program and what feels like the most significant.  Yet, somehow, I feel at a loss of words.  What to write and how to describe it.  This beautiful riveting energy center.  What’s it about?  How does it relate to ourselves and our lives? 

Your consciousness.   The very essence linking you with the entire universe.  The source where you were conceived and manifested.  The illusory pattern that every physical piece of matter in your life began from.  

Maybe I can’t describe it to you as its deeply personal and individual for every one.  That only you can know and explore what exists within this chakra.  This radiant chakra.

I can describe to you what it looks like balanced.  And I can explain to you the excesses and deficiencies and their affects on your life. But to truly understand.   You yourself need to delve deep.  Asking question upon question and lovingly receiving the answers.  Where do these questions come from and how deeply can we follow them in?  Go within……or email me here to get on board to our next 7 day chakra program.  

In absolute health and wellness

Amanda Zentner


Day 16 already!  Third Eye Chakra!!!

I’m blown away by the personal successes I am finding through this continued chakra work.  Daily ~ everyday ~ for 16 days I’ve intentionally given thought, clarity, and purpose to each day. Focusing my intention on release blocks barring me from experiencing, enjoying, and expressing my true self.

It’s fully amazed me how each chakra has unintentionally aligned with some event in my life.  Revealing to me just how important it was to host this program.  

Intuition – having clarity, wisdom, vision, and trusting it to pull you forward. 

Moving on to the 6th chakra we begin to sense and see our own proper paths.  Ruling our senses, our nervous system, and our pituitary gland we rely on this energy center in the body.

Keeping it balanced can support our strong intuition, provide us with penetrating insight, creative imagination, good memory,good dream recall, ability to visualize, and a guiding vision for our lives.

However, excesses and deficiencies can cause imbalances.  Excessive characteristics can be hallucinations, delusions, obsessions, nightmares, intrusive memories, difficulty concentrating, and/or excessive fantasizing.  

Meanwhile, deficiencies can be noted by lack of imagination, difficulty visualizing, insensitivity, excessive skepticism,denial, or inability to see alternatives.

Regardless of where your balance sits within this chakra, there are treatments that can assist in strengthening or loosening each characteristic.  Aiding you in living your best life yet.  

I can’t wait to explore this third eye chakra further!  

In absolute health and wellness,

Amanda Zentner 

CLICK HERE to find out more about our upcoming chakra balancing courses and/or to register now!

Creating our future with our voices.

I’ve noticed a pattern as we’ve been moving through each chakra.  The night before carrying on I’ve had issues to be resolved with someone in my bubble.  Mostly my family but it definitely hasn’t been limited to them.

I read somewhere that your resonance – your personal vibration – can be felt for a 50 mile radius. Of course, becoming more intense the closer a person is.  So literally, anytime you take a step toward bettering your life, raising your vibration, looking for mental clarity, or even eating better – these decisions are creating a ripple effect for your family, your friends, and your community.  

The throat chakra.  It’s importance in my life has always been obvious.  I have huge voice and ability to be present.  I often attempt to tame this aspect of me for the sake of others and for my own health.  I’m a true believer in expressing and releasing thoughts that may be holding us back.  Without acknowledging an issue it can hide within us for years causing dis-ease in our lives.  

Vishuddha – meaning purification.  Don’t let those thoughts go unnoticed or unspoken.  

Let’s check our balance.  If you are balanced you’ll have a resonant full voice, communicate well with others, communicate well with yourself, be a good listener with an understanding of timing and rhythm, and be living your life creatively! 

If you find yourself talking too much or inappropriately, gossiping and not bring able to contain confidences, find difficulty in being silent, stutter, or excessive loudness all point to excessive behaviors for this chakra.  

Our deficient characteristics are having difficulty putting things into words, fear of speaking, speaking with a small weak voice, being secretive, excessive shyness, and being tone deaf.

Balancing these excesses and deficiencies is possible.  Creative sounding to drumming music is a good way to loosen up those vocal cords.  Allow yourself to hum along with or allow natural unformed words to be released as you listen to drum music or binaural beats.  

By connecting with your natural sounds you can heal not only yourself but everyone within your 50 mile radius.  I encourage you to do it or reach out for more information.  You can email me here for events in your area.

In health and wellness.