Seeking Opportunity

It's my way of life.  I'm not afraid to seek it and to speak it.  I often faulter in the execution but enjoy the process along the way. I am seeking opportunity.  The more off the cuff the better.  I'm seeking those interested in empowering me, being empowered by me, and providing significant opportunities for … Continue reading Seeking Opportunity


Perpetual Expansion

This accurately describes my intention in this life.  To learn.  To expand my knowledge and push my boundaries.   Through various classes I've realized the methods that don't work for me, along with many that do.  It's part of the process, my process to higher education.   As an instructor, my task is to continually … Continue reading Perpetual Expansion

What is Meditation.

The image of meditation is of someone sitting in lotus position, serene look on their face, back straight, shoulders relaxed with their thumb and first finger connecting.  That image may have truth to it but rest assured that's not the only way to a meditative state.   Have you ever had a great "stare"?  Gazing … Continue reading What is Meditation.

Day 16 already! ┬áThird Eye Chakra!!!

I'm blown away by the personal successes I am finding through this continued chakra work.  Daily ~ everyday ~ for 16 days I've intentionally given thought, clarity, and purpose to each day. Focusing my intention on release blocks barring me from experiencing, enjoying, and expressing my true self. It's fully amazed me how each chakra … Continue reading Day 16 already! ┬áThird Eye Chakra!!!

Creating our future with our voices.

I've noticed a pattern as we've been moving through each chakra.  The night before carrying on I've had issues to be resolved with someone in my bubble.  Mostly my family but it definitely hasn't been limited to them. I read somewhere that your resonance - your personal vibration - can be felt for a 50 … Continue reading Creating our future with our voices.