Begin again!

Today is full of creativity and awareness for me.  I’ve realized that you’ve got to meet people where you’re at.  Where ever you’re sitting right now, that’s your truth and it’s fruitless to hope for anything else.   

I’ve taught classes for a few years now.  I’ve understood that not everyone is truly at the same place and that they deserve compassion, patience, love, and time.  I’m OK with that.  It’s when I turned that compassion on myself that I realized I’ve been missing that piece of the puzzle all along.

Forgetting to practise kindness, self love, and patience with my processes created a fear of failure.  Not wanting to extend yourself because that goal for the perfect scene is unattainable and we all know it.  Maybe a little fear of success too.  Expecting perfection from a teacher/instructor who has committed themselves to a life of learning is a set up.  With each new success would bring another challange – another unrealistic expectation.

I’ll never be perfect.  I’ll never know ALL the answers or even all the questions.

So it ends now or maybe it’s been ending for a few years as I practise and learn how to love myself unconditionally.  It ends with me accepting I’ve found a passion I want to thrive from for the foreseeable future.  It ends with me accepting and loving myself where I am at.  I may not be doing handstands like I would love but instead I am capable of assisting someone while they align their body, align their life, and learn to pick themselves up off the floor for the next 50 years or so.  

I can help people regain or maintain their mobility while finding ways to sneak meditation in their lives.  I do have knowledge and experience to inform people and help them find fun.  I can explain why we do the brain benders every class and why raising your vibration is valuable asset to your family, friends and hell to your entire block.  

I am capable of teaching that which I’ve learned and committing myself to always learning more, to challanging our minds, bodies, and spirits.  Inspired Wellness for ourselves, our families, our friends, and every encounter we have.

If you choose to support me, learn and teach along side me, or play with me I am forever indebted to you.  These marks we make on each others lives are permanent and beautiful.

Come join me as we practicing standing up off the floor.  A practise for wellness in your life!

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Amanda Zentner


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