Root chakra

In a perfect world we would find ourselves in perfect harmony. things flowing in our favor often and feeling at one with the universe. But in reality we tend to gathered these experiences that can hold us back from experiencing our best lives yet.

That’s where balancing the chakras can comes in!  We’ll begin …well at the beginning!  

The first chakra we will be focusing is our root chakra or Muladhara!  You can locate it at the base of your spine and it “should” be a bright red.  Symbolized by the 4 petal lotus flower.

Literal Meaning “base of support”
Are you supporting yourself well?

[ ]If yes you’re balanced: you will feel a groundedness, a sense of connection with the earth, physically healthy, comfortable in your own body, safe, secure, stable, as though you are in the right liveliness for you, able to be still and present.

[ ]If the chakra is in excesses: heaviness, sluggish, slow movements, resistant to change, overeating, obesity, hoarding, material fixation, greediness, excessive spending, or workaholism could be weighing you down.  To heal or balance these excesses we look at the action of letting go.

[ ]Or if the chakra is deficient: fear, anxiety, resistance to structure, anorexia, underweight, spaciness, flighty, vague, disconnection from your body, restless, inability to manifest, could be plaguing your daily life.  To heal these deficiencies we look at holding on, focusing, or receiving.

Which one feels more true to you?

REMEMBER: you have a basic right to be here and to take up space.

The next three days will focus on this chakra with more tidbits of info flowing in, and videos to follow along with in your own time.  If you haven’t discussed cost/payment.  Please email me at  it etransfer your $33 payment to

I look forward to begin tomorrow with you!!  

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