The mirror in you

If I'm being honest I am a deep digger.  I'm always learning more about myself, my motives, and my surroundings.   I understand that when I see something in someone.  A character flaw or a shitty attitude I continue to look at it.  To understand why I am seeing it.  Why can I recognize it and … Continue reading The mirror in you


Your quality of water – your quality of life

As I experience more life I somehow find more issues to resolve.  On my mind today is the quality of water.  Well, in truth, this hasn't only occurred to me today; it's plagued me since standing rock began.  Our water sources are heavily polluted and have been for years.  Unfortunately, this isn't an issue that … Continue reading Your quality of water – your quality of life

The ill-rooted Gypsy

Maybe I had never been a gypsy.  Or maybe it was just becoming unfamiliar.  I was sure I had missed the window and had found my self with deep-unrelenting roots.  The kind of roots that burrowed so deep it would take heavy machinery to pull them out.  The solid trunk and beautiful mature branches had … Continue reading The ill-rooted Gypsy

Hitting the sweet spot.

It's not hard to see what a 360 my life has taken in the passed few years.   Everything is coming together and there's space in my life to yearn for more again. For one - I'm a yoga teacher.  A dream attained after years of study and work.  I don't know that it's been … Continue reading Hitting the sweet spot.

Lundbreck falls

The river rushes toward the waterfall carrying with it everything in it's path.  Sticks, leaves, and in today's case ducks. I watched in anticipation as a family of five ducks were surprised to find the edge of the waterfall.   They rightfully panicked and managed to pull themselves up onto the surrounding rock face.  Determined … Continue reading Lundbreck falls

Celebrating the masculine.

Today I'm sitting with awe and love for the man that's not only fathered my son but also taken the responsibility to help care for and raise my daughter.  A man who may not always do the right thing but always strives to make it right.  A man I'm grateful to have built the last … Continue reading Celebrating the masculine.