What extremes will you go to to protect your space and your energy?

I’m at heart a healer which means I am actively always healing.  I am ok with this.  Glad where I can acknowledge discontent in all of life and work towards releasing these different energetic toxins.  The only issue I have are with those who can’t accept that about me.  

I’m one of those types that are hard to be around I go deep – shallow conversation is not for me – I move passed the superficiality of life.  I like to address the real concerns.  

I’m still blindsided by people who get past my fail safes.  Who intend to hurt me for their prejudices of who I am and how I am supposed to measure up.

I’m not for the faint of heart but – if you want to discuss world issues and send love to those who are actively making changes let me know.  That is where my passion sits is with the healers and the innovators.  Nothing less will suffice.

In whole world wellness 

Amanda Zentner

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