Your quality of water – your quality of life

As I experience more life I somehow find more issues to resolve.  On my mind today is the quality of water.  Well, in truth, this hasn’t only occurred to me today; it’s plagued me since standing rock began.  Our water sources are heavily polluted and have been for years.  Unfortunately, this isn’t an issue that is just going to go away.

Every drop of water that has ever existed on earth – still exists.  I’ll save you the process of filtration for now but at the end of they day it’s our human bodies filtering the toxicity picked up from the air, oceans, soil, and food we consume.

Now, this problem is incredible.  The industrial and technological ages have brought some great advancements – but also left their mark on our ecosystem.  It’s not for one person to bear the entire responsibility for a couple centuries of neglect or misuse but all of our individual responsibility to our family and friends.

An easy way to begin is a water purification system.  In this world we’ve created, it’s no longer enough to filter your water and call it a day.  We need to create healthy drinking water ongoing.  Not only our drinking water but our cleaning water as well.  I would love to help you set your family up for good health by setting you up with a great system that cleans the toxins out of your water.  In a 5 minute shower a person inhales more chlorine than they drinking the tap water for the day.  Imagine the benefit of not regularly ingesting or inhaling this one chemical alone – or more important imagine the underlying turmoil it’s leaving in your body.  I won’t get into municipal water sources and how they treat our water enmasse for us.  These heavily researched purification systems are designed to create a water that actually hydrates you instead of leaches important minerals from your body.

Our wellness really is in our own hands.  I strongly urge you to be proactive in your water sourcing and may it begin right in your own home!  If you are in the Western Canada Region I CAN help you right away.  Eastern Canada I can help you in the near future.

Take this time to invest in your health.  Take this time to create a better quality of water for you, your family, your earth.  We are connected.  We can be empowered.

For more information on who’s getting behind the clean up:

40cean are pulling plastics pound by pound

The Ocean Clean Up

Read about Urban Mining and start making a difference in your home and your community by Upcycling to maximize our dollar and put a stop to further environmental damage.

Be proactive.  Inspire wellness in those surrounding you.

Organizing your health and inspiring your wellness!

Amanda Zentner

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