A world of change

I’m developing this blog post off of those four words.  Whether they’re a description or a wish or a distant dream I understand their truth and importance. 

This is the world in which we live.  The reality behind every breath and every wisp of wind.   Nothing stays the same.  

I saw it in my son. For the hard years I used to whisper to myself “Every five minutes is a new five minutes” bringing the level of stress back into perspective. Knowing that soon this fight over shoelaces or eggs would be meaningless and hopefully a little humorous.

Everything changes.  A promise to myself that this life will not be boring if I choose.

I relish in change ~ I love the sight of it.  The anticipation growing to a crusendo and relaxing into a new state of being to explore.  The constant growth and realization.  So it’s funny that I would resist it so much. Finding excuses to be content in an unchanging situation.   To relive something that I know doesn’t work only to be comforted by the safety of knowing.   

It’s uncomfortable. It’s inauthentic and holds little joy.  Yet it is safe and secure for those around me.  So I maintain.

This blog wasn’t supposed to be about me though or a glimpse at the depth of my soul and sadness.  But instead about the leaps and bounds happening within this beautiful city.  It’s easy for me to follow the words to the depth.  Ever exploring.

Back to a world of change.  How we in Moose Jaw are changing the world.  Bringing acceptance, meditation, movement, and nourishing food to the helm.  Offering the world, our world, an opportunity for the best changes.

Our farmers market are plump full of home and body products to help us care for our skin, our clothing, our homes in the most gentle ways remembering that every chemical we use finds its way back to the water.  

Micro greens from local “grow ops” grown with love, kindness, and joy.  Seriously if you’ve met Keri Fox of Green Sister Gardens you know this to be true. 

Not forgetting local hand made and fashionable clothing and accessories from many local artists.  

Saskatchewan is home to many businessss dedicated to bringing us local food, home and body goods, and locally made items through out the winter season.  Connecting with companies like hip and modern mama and fresh2Ugreens to ensure there is enough food to go around.

These people and more are making it obvious that we can support each other and ourselves in the process.   

Who do you know that’s making waves in our community and beyond? Are you watching our world of change?

In health and wellness,

Amanda Zentner 

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