In flow

As always, the full moon brought a release. I knew it was going to be good. A full moon in my sun sign promised no less than transformational, grounding , and clearing work ahead.

All the right people were drawn near to express and release. I was surely inviting this. Asking for the last of my barriers to be lifted.

It didn’t happen overnight but instead was a 5 day progression. Slowly speaking my truth. Slowly. Listening closely – hearing the silent chant of the judgement I still held. It became louder and more insistent until I could no longer ignore it. It shook me as the crystal bowls coersed the toxic patterns out of my body.

This would have been enough to move me forward but I asked for more. I endulged in the cacao. Allowing the rich minty flavour to cleanse me as I sipped. The power of this evening couldn’t be matched. So I asked for more and as always – I did receive it.

Release the self-judgement and embrace all the good you have in your life. The phrase came to me again and again as breathed deeply passed the urge to purge.

I wanted to point fingers and blame others – as long as I chose anger and helplessness I felt more and more off center. Panicky.

So I silently asked “What am I here to learn?”. The answer. “Release yourself from your own judgement. Look to the good in your life.”

The abundance is glorious and I do choose to live in awe and gratitude. But to be softer with myself. More kindness towards me as well as those around me. This will take intention and focus.

The release was magnificent. I look forward to the new moons embrace.

In health and wellness

Amanda Zentner, Inspired Wellness

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