The struggle is real. To find a perfect balance for respecting the flow life gives you and accepting that this life is meant to fill you with joy.

I’ve been steamrolled. More times than I care to admit. And more times as an adult than when I was a teen.

For a long time I believed in accepting life as it was put in front of me. I didnt understand that my misery was a sign … or a command from my life to make a change – and make it sooner rather than later.

The truth as I see it now is, not only do you need to put up firm lines in the sand – and redraw them as often as the wind or tides wash them away. But also, we need to be more intentional with our life.

Beginning today.

Writing our own futures and not accepting anything less than what we desire. This life is meant to be lived with joy.

I’ve developed “a guide to your awakening” which outlines boundaries and intentional planning for up to 12 months in advance.

Register at this link to receive your own workbook.

Or – sign up for our Love yourself workshop and take actionable steps to discovering yourself and your best life.

Click here:

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