The softening heart

Working on yourself “should” be a priority. Healing and exploring the fibres of your character. Pushing past barriers and finding room for growth – that’s all there is – is growth.

I’ve worn a steel cage around my heart. Carefully finding ways to express love and send it to others. Where I struggled was with myself. Allowing myself the space to journey and make mistakes and take big leaps I may later regret.

That cage kept me from the out pour of love that was waiting for me to choose to accept it.

So the softening heart. How did it happen? How did I release that cage?

1. I admitted I was not in control. But could always choose my next step if my mind was in the present state.

2. I trusted myself to make a mistake and recover from it. (Just as I learned to trust others in their journey)

3. I began to speak my mind even in the face of peer pressure.

4. I allowed myself to become dependant.

5. I started to act on my intuition.

6. I understood that I am one tiny faucet of the plan but my part is significant.

It was these points I returned to time and time again. Allowing my spirit to have this human experience. Learning to study and understand my lessons from an almost disconnected head space.

I started a walk meditation to daily connect myself with my present state.

And my heart began to open and blossom into this great capacity for receiving as well as giving. I think that’s been the hardest lesson yet. Is to soften and embrace that feminine receptivity. But – what a relief when you’re able to achieve it.


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