Everything is temporary

….unless it works.

This includes all relationships. With our parents, spouses, children, friends, and acquaintances.

Take a moment to check in on these relations. How does the thought feel within your energetic field? How does the idea of your next encounter sit in your stomach.

Engage your deep breathing excersizes to really internalize and draw good feelings nearer and exhale sharply pushing your boundary when “less than pleasant” feelings arise.

Our best gauge of our relationships is our physical body. IF our physical body is requesting distance by all means…love yourself first…protect your needs and examine if this relationship is what you’re seeking.

The titanium circle is in place. People may come and go but the circle will remain strongly heart-centered.

It’s ok to be emotional, it’s ok to protect your space, it’s ok to walk away from shitty relationships. Let it come from a place of loving and respecting yourself. Move slowly to weigh the pros and cons. Communicate with consideration.

You are so important!

In health and wellness

Amanda Zentner

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