Make room for change.

I’ve always had a knack for manifesting exactly what I want….I was arrogant about it.  I recognized it and declared many times, “if you don’t get it for me I’ll get it for myself.”  And it was true.

I have been able to reduce that ego – little by little over the last 4 or 5 years.  Coming to terms with the values I was “supposed to have” and the ones I authentically have was not an easy or fast process.  I was willing to do the work – and I still am.

I’ve realized the secret, for me, is in fung shui.  An energetic balancing of the elements and their placement within your home.  

I have a knack for understanding and manipulating a physical space.  Our belongings all carry energy, meanings, and sometimes emotion.  How we choose to arrange or align our furniture and decor can have a huge affect on the situations in our day to day lives.  

If nothing else, our homes should be a reflection of how we like to spend our time.  It should display our comforts, our joys, and pieces of our life in the world.  Keeping the “order” in our busy lives can often overflow into our home world causing chaos, disruption, and distraction.  Luckily.  This is preventable and can be easy to change 

Whether it means organizing paper work, kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, clothing, furniture, food, dishware.  A million adjustments can be made to encourage a new flow towards health, love, family, money, travel, and more.

Simple cures are often right in your own home.  Give it a try or give me a call!

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Amanda Zentner

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