Sacral Chakra 

Welcome to day 4 of our journey through the chakras.  Now that we have assesed our “vehicle” and have an understanding of the foundation we can move on to the 2nd or Sacral Chakra.  The element water begins to take over here.  Moving from the firm support of the earth to the ever moving and flowing softness of the water element.  A brilliant shade of orange illuminates our creativity, our appetites, and our desires in life.  

Check in with your 2nd chakra right behind your belly button between your hip bones.  Are you balanced? If yes, you may experience graceful movements, emotional intelligence, healthy boundaries, passion, sexual satisfaction, nurturing of self and others, and the ability to embrace change.

If you’re in excess, sexual addictions, obsessive attachments, excessive mood swings, become super sensitivity, poor boundaries of your own and those around you, instability, or addiction to stimulation may be darkening your Sacral Chakra. 

Deficiencies may create rigidity in our body and beliefs, numbness (emotionally) or insensitivity, a fear of change, lack of desire, poor social skills, or avoidance of pleasure and fear of sexuality.

Disolving our boundaries and exploring this chakra intimately is the biggest obstacle for me.  So carrying that awareness and scceptance throughout this next 3 day period I intend to honor where I am at.  To use the Mudra’s, the Meditations, and the Yoga Asana’s to honestly explore and release any fears or blockages not serving me.  Will you do the same?   When we truly begin to water our roots the growth and connection can begin.

Without water there is no growth ~ water makes life juicy!

Thanks for being with me on this journey.


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