Retreat now!

Everything from the minute I leave my home and head to the sanctuary feels like a blessing.  

The wrong turn increasing the length of my lazy drive.  The expanding prairie sky reaching on forever.  The joy of powering down my cell phone and enjoying sweet silence.   

I love these times of retreat.  Rebalancing my center and preparing to move forward towards the pull.  

Not only do I find it easier to focus, to breathe, and to settle down but it also  brings out those deeper questions about sustainable lifestyles, off grid living, and the simple life.  

I adore forward thinkers like Jennifer.  Who understand that stepping back IS an incredible step forward.  

The peace that settles over me while visiting Wild Spirit Prairie Sanctuary is refreshing and enlightening.  

Thank you Jennifer and Jason for sharing your space.


in health and wellness
Amanda Zentner

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