Celebrating with Crystal Quartz

A powerful healing stone shaped into these magnificent, heavy bowls that create a sound vibration so intense it has the ability to realign your life and mind.  Listened to and absorbed on the right day can create bliss in the best of ways.  

My path has crossed Glenda Lee’s many times.  She has created a cool calm in my mind at my most anxious times and she has soothed the tension away with her tuning forks and her own brand of helpful healing magic.  

I was lucky enough to experience her again.  The timing was finally right to connect during Yule I took the opportunity to spend time with myself in her sound.  Accompanied by Claudette Durupt’s guided meditation – it was a night I shared with my daughter.  Another experience we will never forget.  

Now, I’m unsure what the “right” way to enjoy a meditation is.  Whether lying still is a sign of freedom from your body, or movement is viewed as a way to settle the extra energy that life has supplied to you, or even if sitting cross legged for an extended amount of time is “right” I am unaware.

For me meditation is less about the position or the stillness and more about time to acknowledge the thoughts that arise.  A time to hear myself out – in a busy life I don’t do that often enough.  So ever the multitasker – even in meditation I found space to realign with my desires.  My personal passions and to begin taking that step forward.  

These alternative healing modalities both a new experience and a new way to breathe fresh air deep into darkest corners of my mind.  Shaking up the old ideas and creating new beautiful paths.

I’ve often considered a healing, empowering yoga class with the crystal bowls played in the back ground….maybe one day.

In health and wellness

Amanda Zentner

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