How much you are you?

This meme may seem true-r than most recent statements about myself.  In regards to my random thirst for adventure, my hip-hopping from one fun thing to another, and my burst of inspirations.

Much like a hang over for most – my dissappointment takes a lot more time to shrug off than it did when I was young.  

Back then I had it in me to try and try again.   I believe success has been found through my failures and broken plans.  But as an “adult” there’s so much more at stake……so much more to lose.

I could sit here and air my grievances but if you know me….you’ve probably already heard it and it’s honestly not helping me overcome.

The most recent unfulfilled plan has taken an incredible toll on me this time.  I’m recovering the way I do.  Through yoga, meditation, and quiet time alone to reflect and revise.

I am, however, left wondering if my zest for adventure and newness has been  stripped from my being.  If I’ll ever have the strength and supports to build the absolute highest dream for my life or if I am in fact doing that right now.

This amount of quiet time is unfamiliar to me.  I feel like keeping low and reserving my passion for the next big thing is crucial —- but what if it never comes — what if this phase is over?  And who am I if I can’t claim to be my same old self?

These are open ended questions, I rationally understand that this is good it’s the opening for something new to come in but unlike the many changes before I can’t predict the outcome.

I’ve come so far in my evolution.  These next steps are unfamiliar, a wee bit scary, and unpredictable – just the way I’d always hoped they’d be.

So much muchness is coming……

Where are you at in your health and wellness?

In health and wellness,

Amanda Zentner


Make room for change.

I’ve always had a knack for manifesting exactly what I want….I was arrogant about it.  I recognized it and declared many times, “if you don’t get it for me I’ll get it for myself.”  And it was true.

I have been able to reduce that ego – little by little over the last 4 or 5 years.  Coming to terms with the values I was “supposed to have” and the ones I authentically have was not an easy or fast process.  I was willing to do the work – and I still am.

I’ve realized the secret, for me, is in fung shui.  An energetic balancing of the elements and their placement within your home.  

I have a knack for understanding and manipulating a physical space.  Our belongings all carry energy, meanings, and sometimes emotion.  How we choose to arrange or align our furniture and decor can have a huge affect on the situations in our day to day lives.  

If nothing else, our homes should be a reflection of how we like to spend our time.  It should display our comforts, our joys, and pieces of our life in the world.  Keeping the “order” in our busy lives can often overflow into our home world causing chaos, disruption, and distraction.  Luckily.  This is preventable and can be easy to change 

Whether it means organizing paper work, kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, clothing, furniture, food, dishware.  A million adjustments can be made to encourage a new flow towards health, love, family, money, travel, and more.

Simple cures are often right in your own home.  Give it a try or give me a call!

in health and wellness
Amanda Zentner

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