Devine Chaos

I’ve been left in a whirl wind for months. I haven’t fought it. Choosing to go with the flow and see where it takes me.

Surprise surprise it’s taken me through pain . Isolation and overwhelm took over and I forgot myself. I forgot to howl at the moon. I forgot to sit quietly in candle light. I forgot to laugh. I forgot to cry.

The isolation will do that to you. If unchecked you may sink deeper into the quiet. Into the cold.

I allowed it. I reveled in the icy touch of the dark sleepless night. I sank deeper pretending all was ok.

The deeper I went the more intimately I knew myself. The more of my own darkness I was able to acknowledge and appreciate.

I found my grateful heart in that darkest of darkness. I felt protected as though encircled by a black tourmaline crystal. In the dark and in the safe.

The truth about these turbulent times, these times spent in chaos, is that they too are devine and shall be honored as such.

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How are you handling the turbulence?

In health and wellness

Amanda Zentner

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