Achieving Contentment

I’ve lived a life striving for more.  Learning early on that if I wanted to be successful I needed to stay motivated and goal oriented.  These are great qualities I’ve utilized to live the many lifestyles I’ve chosen.

The issue lays in the cultivation of dissatisfaction and an inability to be content or settle down in life.

When you see the words settle down do you associate it with good feelings or an aversion?

Coming into my own in this world looks like me learning and relearning patience.  Allowing life to happen is a vital tool I use everyday.  That doesn’t mean I don’t have an urge to push through.  Sometimes meaning I want to be a driving force physically and mentally attracting the abundance of life that I truly desire.

Slowing down.  Relaxing and accepting that this life is a slow one and through this slowness the capacity for expansion is very clear yet does not come easy for me.  I’ll keep trying.

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