Celebrating the masculine.

Today I’m sitting with awe and love for the man that’s not only fathered my son but also taken the responsibility to help care for and raise my daughter.  A man who may not always do the right thing but always strives to make it right.  A man I’m grateful to have built the last decade of my life with.

Today is giving me pause, and cause, to reflect on all the men who’ve guided me, supported me, abandoned me, and given me tough life lessons.
As I listen to the chatter of my son and his uncle, I realize how lucky he is to have such a full life.  The supports he will need are around, available, and willing to hear him when he speaks.

My favorite male relationship was with my Uncle Mike.  In fact, I’ve named my son after him hoping to instill the character of Mike in Grayson’s future.  

The same uncle that told me as a teenager that the beauty in my eyes is more important than the shape of my body.  The same uncle that told me that when I needed to cry – it was OK, and he never forgot a single birthday.  He always made me feel loved – even at my worst.  He taught me to honor myself, enjoy myself, follow my intuition, and not fear for what others think.  This is the man I bid a happy father’s day to if only he was still around to receive it.  I think if him often.

There have been many men who’ve influenced my growth.  Employers, absent father, abusive stepfather, supportive male friends, cousins, uncles, both my babies daddies, and now my son.  I’m so lucky for all the trials I’ve had the opportunity to over come and I am sending genuine love to all of those who have shown me how to be the best version of myself yet.  Happy father’s day✌.

What have the masculine energies filled your life with?  What lessons have you learned?  Have you forgiven or thanked them today?

Happy father’s day to all the men that have graced my life.  You are appreciated more than I can express.

In health and wellness 

Amanda Zentner✌

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