Seeking Opportunity

It’s my way of life.  I’m not afraid to seek it and to speak it.  I often faulter in the execution but enjoy the process along the way.

I am seeking opportunity.  The more off the cuff the better.  I’m seeking those interested in empowering me, being empowered by me, and providing significant opportunities for those around us.  Creating a community of people who are bound together by passion and love and ready to build each other up. 

To take on a project is fun.  Life affirming.  Not only do I take joy in the completion of a project but also the creation.  Creating “what ifs” and solutions.  Taking this glimpse of a dream and building it into a reality.  

I’ve always been a powerful supporter of those around me.  Attracting those who dream big and are able to follow their passions.  

I’ve often felt “unstable” never desiring the 9-5 grind or long term commitment to a job.  Its never been fulfilling to me to commit.  I’m more of a flow with the project type.  One who can lend an experienced, well-worked hand when needed.   With the start ups and the expansions that’s exactly where I excel and where I belong.

Many inspirations are ready to be realized.  I’m ready to expand as the opportunity requires.  I wonder what’s next.In health and wellness

Amanda Zentner 

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