And on the program goes….

So it looks like we’ve made it! The last chakra in this program and what feels like the most significant.  Yet, somehow, I feel at a loss of words.  What to write and how to describe it.  This beautiful riveting energy center.  What’s it about?  How does it relate to ourselves and our lives? 

Your consciousness.   The very essence linking you with the entire universe.  The source where you were conceived and manifested.  The illusory pattern that every physical piece of matter in your life began from.  

Maybe I can’t describe it to you as its deeply personal and individual for every one.  That only you can know and explore what exists within this chakra.  This radiant chakra.

I can describe to you what it looks like balanced.  And I can explain to you the excesses and deficiencies and their affects on your life. But to truly understand.   You yourself need to delve deep.  Asking question upon question and lovingly receiving the answers.  Where do these questions come from and how deeply can we follow them in?  Go within……or email me here to get on board to our next 7 day chakra program.  

In absolute health and wellness

Amanda Zentner


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