Creating our future with our voices.

I’ve noticed a pattern as we’ve been moving through each chakra.  The night before carrying on I’ve had issues to be resolved with someone in my bubble.  Mostly my family but it definitely hasn’t been limited to them.

I read somewhere that your resonance – your personal vibration – can be felt for a 50 mile radius. Of course, becoming more intense the closer a person is.  So literally, anytime you take a step toward bettering your life, raising your vibration, looking for mental clarity, or even eating better – these decisions are creating a ripple effect for your family, your friends, and your community.  

The throat chakra.  It’s importance in my life has always been obvious.  I have huge voice and ability to be present.  I often attempt to tame this aspect of me for the sake of others and for my own health.  I’m a true believer in expressing and releasing thoughts that may be holding us back.  Without acknowledging an issue it can hide within us for years causing dis-ease in our lives.  

Vishuddha – meaning purification.  Don’t let those thoughts go unnoticed or unspoken.  

Let’s check our balance.  If you are balanced you’ll have a resonant full voice, communicate well with others, communicate well with yourself, be a good listener with an understanding of timing and rhythm, and be living your life creatively! 

If you find yourself talking too much or inappropriately, gossiping and not bring able to contain confidences, find difficulty in being silent, stutter, or excessive loudness all point to excessive behaviors for this chakra.  

Our deficient characteristics are having difficulty putting things into words, fear of speaking, speaking with a small weak voice, being secretive, excessive shyness, and being tone deaf.

Balancing these excesses and deficiencies is possible.  Creative sounding to drumming music is a good way to loosen up those vocal cords.  Allow yourself to hum along with or allow natural unformed words to be released as you listen to drum music or binaural beats.  

By connecting with your natural sounds you can heal not only yourself but everyone within your 50 mile radius.  I encourage you to do it or reach out for more information.  You can email me here for events in your area.

In health and wellness.


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