Co-create on!

So I’ve very recently discovered why I’m here.  What I want to do with this “Yogic” knowledge and capability.   How I want to serve those drawn to work with me.

It was a long road.  Laced with self doubt, body image issues, and fear.  I truly thought to do what I wanted to do I needed that certain “look”.  That look that says I’ve spent  hours and hours practicing inversions and core strengthening movements.  The truth is – I’m a work in progress.  From my eating habits, to my stress levels, and circling back to my people pleasing tendencies.   I’m art in motion.

While trying to become is ideal yoga teacher I realized….I’m already here.  Perfections, accomplishments, and all the opposite.  Where I’m at is where I want to meet you.  So I’ve set my art into motion!!

My GOAL is to set you up for success.  Well in truth, I want to set us both up for success.  Developing a routine that you can compartmentalize and take with you in daily life.   I want to teach it so thoroughly that you go home and use it…for years.  As a practise to maintain your physical strength and balance and continue giving you independence to be able to pick yourself off the floor and continue being mobile for years to come.  This is SIGNIFICANT to me.  I want this and I want to share this.  If we can giggle at ourselves along the way and take pride in our small steps forward – this will be success.

Come co-create success with me!  Join me Friday morning at 10:30am at the Cosmo Centre!!
click here for classes and prices

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Amanda Zentner


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